Health Insurance

Health Insurance


Illness or non-work related injury can be financially devastating, especially when considering the rising cost of health care over the past 20 years. Health insurance can help protect you from large out-of-pocket health care expenses that can accumulate during an acute or chronic illness. If you have a job, your employer may provide group comprehensive major medical coverage. You, or your employer, can also purchase individual or group comprehensive major medical coverage through Prendiville Insurance Agency.

Health insurance pays for expenses incurred for diagnosis and treatment of covered medical conditions. There are many different types of health insurance plans available in California. If you have a choice, it is important to choose the plan that best fits your specific needs, budget, and lifestyle. Each of the different ways of receiving health care services has advantages and disadvantages. It is in your best interest to become familiar with the different types of health insurance, so you know what may be available to you.

Call one of the Benefits experts at Prendiville Insurance Agency and let us design a specific policy for your unique individual needs that will insure you accurately, properly, and easily! When you call Prendiville Insurance Agency, you are always greeted with a live, in-office licensed agent who will take care of your needs immediately

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