About Us

PatrickPrendiville Insurance Agency was started in 1988. Our first four years started out in the personal lines arena, insuring many families with their auto, home and life insurance needs. Gradually, we started integrating business insurance clients into the agency. Presently, we insure both personal and business clients throughout California.

Over the years, we have been front and center on a variety of claims-from fire, auto and health to assisting on major lawsuits. This experience has given us the skills to deal with an entire  range of obstacles our clients may face.
I am proud to say that many of our clients have been with us since the very early days. I truly love the insurance industry and recognize how beneficial a good policy is in protecting a family or a business. However, nothing has been more satisfying than the wonderful relationships I have developed with my clients, staff and insurance company personnel.

-Patrick Prendiville
April, 2019